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HEU Strengthens the Collaborative Innovation with COOEC

data: Oct 24, 13views: 1170

On October 22, three people, including Xia Guihua, chief of the Collaborative Innovation Center of Deep-ocean engineering and High-tech ship and vice-chancellor of HEU, paid visit to COOEC for promoting the collaborative innovation between HEU and COOEC. They talked with Zhou Xuezhong(CEO of COOEC), Li Zhigang(Chief engineer of COOEC) and Zhu Xiaohuan (Manager of Department of Science and Information).

The two sides reviewed the long-standing close coordination on the cooperation of scientific research, the transformation of achievements and the supply of intellect. An agreement was achieved on promoting the construction and development of the Collaborative Innovation Center of Deep-ocean engineering and High-tech ship whose initiator of establishment was HEU. A statement was claimed that the two sides will jointly enhance the transformation and upgrading of Chinese ocean engineering industry through constructing research center, establishing innovative team, and sharing the development of resources, realizing the mutual complementing of advantages, mutual benefit and double win.

Later, Xia Guihua, as an expert, attended the Examination Meeting on the Scheme of Top-class Infrastructure of Ocean Engineering Simulation Operation Center.

COOEC has a long-standing cooperation with HEU. An obvious achievement of collaborative innovation has been reached in the fields of underwater operating equipments, research, design and industrialization of deep-ocean floating structure. COOEC is the only turnkey corporation in China which can contract the construction projects of exploiting ocean oil and natural gas for work, covering a market of all Chinese offshore seas and producing a radiation to the offshore seas of Middle East, Southeast Asia and South Korea.