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Dalian University of Technology(DUT) sighed a comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement with HEU

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In order to play our strengths in the field of ship and marine engineering, strengthen the comprehensive cooperation in personnel training, discipline construction and scientific research, our university sighed a comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement with HEU in room 412 of the main building in the afternoon of December 11th. Both Shen Changyu, Principal of our school, and Liu Zhigang, President of Harbin Engineering University, attended the signing ceremony and delivered speeches. Guo Dongming, Executive Vice President of our school, and Xia Guihua, Vice President of HEU, signed the agreement on behalf of his school respectively. The meeting was chaired by Song Yong-Chen, Executive Vice President of Scientific and Technical Research.

According to the agreement, both sides should follow the principles of “advantage complementary and resources share” in terms of personnel exchanges and training to strengthen the sharing quality of the teaching resource and carry out the program of exchanging undergraduate and graduate students between the two schools; to integrate the resources of outstanding teachers of the two universities, build courses together and improve the quality of teaching material at the same time; to employ the part-time instructors mutually in order to guide the graduate students to write their dissertations better; to recommend excellent students to each other, and send young teachers to have a further study mutually. In the field of scientific research, two sides should open sharing their innovation elements with each other; In terms of academic exchange, two sides should meet regularly to exchange the latest information of science, key engineering technologies and the status of industrial development. As the core unit, our school join in the “Collaborative Innovation Center of deep engineering and high-tech ships ” formed by HEU.

Shen Changyu said in his speech, DUT has common with HEU in history, geography, and academic fields. Two schools have a natural close relationship all the time and their personnel exchanges frequently. The strategy of rejuvenating the old northeastern industrial base of China and the strategy of constructing a marine powerful nation provide a good opportunity for the two schools to cooperate. He hopes that two sides should seize the opportunity to play their advantages, strengthen the cooperation and enhance the strength and level of ship and marine engineering, to make contribution to the rejuvenating of old northeastern industrial base of China.

Liu Zhigang said, over the years, the spontaneous cooperation between HEU and DUT has changed into a school-level cooperation. Our country attaches great importance to the development of ocean engineering, and the implementation of the strategy of constructing a marine powerful nation has provided a golden opportunity for the cooperation of the two schools. DUT has powerful strength in the fields of ship and marine engineering and offshore engineering, etc. Hope that the key technical problems in the fields of marine engineering and marine equipment will be solved smoothly through the powerful cooperation.

After the signing ceremony, some leaders of HEU introduced the situation of their school’s scientific research and situation of other related fields respectively, and the leaders included Cao Hongliang, Executive Vice President of Science and Technology Institute of HEU, Han Duanfeng, Dean of College of Shipbuilding Engineering, Ma Xiuzhen, Dean of College of Power and Energy Engineering, and Sun Dajun, Dean of College of Underwater Acoustic Engineering. Song Yongchen, Yao Wei’an, Executive Vice Presidents of science and technology research institute of our university, ZongZhi, Dean of College of Shipbuilding Engineering, and Long WuQiang, Professor of power and energy engineering, introduced the situation of our school’s scientific research and situation of other related fields respectively.

Some personnel of other departments also participated the signing ceremony and reporting activities, they are from Graduate school, Institute of science and technology, Dean's office, Faculty of vehicle engineering and mechanics, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Energy Materials, Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, National Key Laboratory and deep-sea center of Coastal and Offshore Engineering.