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Delegation of NWT Project Innovation Special Paid a Visit to BV

data: Apr 09, 17views: 1076

China’s NWT Delegation of 5 people in total headed by Prof. Xia Guihua, director of management committee of the project, Prof. Duan Wenyang, chief architect of the project paid a visit to the headquarter of BV (Bureau Veritas) on March 20th. Mr. Quentin Derbanne, director of the Technology Center in Department of Marine Engineering, Mr. Sime Malenica, the vice director and Mr. Silenica, manager of the “Intelligent Ships Project” met with the delegation. BV’s senior general counsel Mr. Pierre Besse presided over the symposium on cooperation.

Both sides gave a brief introduction of the research development of the project over the past years and had a discussion over specific issues such as NWT, Intelligent Ships etc. The two sides have reached a consensus in terms of the cooperation and joint research over NWT project and Intelligent Ships.