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HEU Held the First Ship Network Security Symposiu

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On August 15th, the first Ship Cyber Security Symposium (SNSS2021) was held online. Jointly organized by HEU and the China Industrial Internet Research Institute, the symposium invited 11 experts and scholars from China Industrial Internet Research Institute, China Classification Society, 709 Research Institute of CSSCC, 714 Research Institute of CSSCC, Shanghai Overseas Takahashi Group, Jiangnan Shipbuilding (Group) Co., Ltd., China Electronic Technology Group, Xingtang Communication Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing Digital Certification Co., Ltd., Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Business Password Promotion Working Group and our university made a wonderful report. 

XIA Guihua, Deputy Secretary of Party Committee, attended the symposium and delivered a speech.

MA Zhong, Director of the Computer and Software Committee of the Science and Technology Committee of CSSC, WANG Cong, Deputy Chief Engineer of the China Industrial Internet Research Institute, and ZHU Lihuang, Deputy Secretary-General of the Committee of Experts on the Promotion of Commercial Password Applications of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, attended the symposium. Nearly 300 teachers and students attended online.

XIA Guihua thanked experts and scholars for their support, pointing out that with the rapid development of computer technology, automation technology, Internet technology and artificial intelligence technology, intelligent ships, autonomous ships, unmanned ships, remote control and other technologies have emerged, and the research on ship network security issues has become more important and urgent. This symposium is held at the right time. XIA Guihua introduced the fallowing aspects about HEU, including artificial intelligence, 5G communications, the Internet, big data, blockchain and other new infrastructure core key technologies and intelligent ocean, intelligent ships and other fields of deep integration, the formation of network information security technology advantages, as well as for related issues to break through the asymmetry barriers of domestic and foreign network technology. XIA hoped that the experts and scholars will strengthen exchanges, actively share the latest practice of ship network security, gather wisdom, for the ship network information security cooperative development to provide strong support.

MA Zhong pointed out that the research of network security must take its own road and solve the problem of ship network security urgently. He hoped that the experts would jointly sort out the cutting-edge hot issues and development directions in ship network security technology, point the way for the development of ship network security technology in China, and promote the continuous development and expansion of ship network security industry.

WANG Cong introduced the background of industrial Internet innovation development strategy, the effect of enabling industry integration and development, and the work of China Industrial Internet Research Institute. She pointed out that the industrial Internet enabled the digital transformation of the marine industry has achieved remarkable results, promoting the establishment of a system of ship-intelligent systems and supporting services, and its security challenges are becoming increasingly prominent. She said she will give full play to advantages, work with all sectors of the community to do a good job in the field of ship network security, jointly enhancing the ship network security capabilities, contributing to the high-quality development of the manufacturing industry.

ZHU Lihuang introduced the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Commercial Password Expert Committee. The Expert Committee is a senior think tank in the field of information technology of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and it is a global professional decision-making consulting platform to promote the application of commercial password. The Committee of Experts has set up a number of working groups dedicated to promoting the application of passwords in various industries, and looks forward to this seminar to promote the application and development of commercial passwords in the field of shipping.

CAI Chengtao, Executive Vice President of the National Institute of Secrecy, introduced the basic situation of the National Institute of Secrecy and the scientific research work in the field of passwords. He hoped that with this symposium, he would further discuss the issue of ship network security with experts and scholars and strengthen in-depth cooperation with the universities and institutes.

Eleven experts and scholars made special presentations on such cutting-edge issues as "Research on the Promotion strategy of domestic password application in the new era", "The Practice and Exploration of Shipyard Network Security in the Context of Digital Transformation", "Building a Password System, Empowering the Digital Economy" and "Cyber Security Architecture and Practice of Large Ship Construction Enterprises". LI Sizhao, teacher of College of Computer Science of HEU, made a report entitled "Intelligent Inference Technology for Ship Safety", which analyzed ship safety from the perspective of national territorial sea safety, and introduced the national autonomous controllable ship-borne and safety simulation system, which has been realized in this field, providing a reliable and efficient control and analysis platform for ship safety.

The students and teachers participating discussed in-depth issues such as policies and regulations, the latest development direction of the industry, the hot spots of marine network security, the concept of cutting-edge anti-care and technological innovation.