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Vector Hydrophone Technique of HEU Won the Second Prize of National Scientific andTechnological Progress Award

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On January 18th , the Central Committee and the State Council held the 2012 Annual National Science and Technology Progress Commendation in the People's Congress Hall.Hu Jintao, Xi Jinping, Wen Jiabao, li Keqiang, Liu Yunshan attended the commendation and conferred the awards on the representatives of the winners.The technology and application of vector hydrophone project of College of Underwater Acoustic Engineering of HEU won the  second prize of the National Scientific and Technological Progress, project director professor Yang Desen went to Beijing to take this honor.

Vector hydrophone technique is the most representative technology in the acoustic field and opens a new chapter to the sonar technology in China, which improves the sonar equipment technology, promotes the development of China's national defense, and produces significant social and military benefits. According to the relevant controller introduces, vector hydrophone and its application technology is also the major technical advance of HEU in underwater acoustic field which has a significant impact at home and abroad in recent years.

Project breaks through a series of key technologies in the design, production, performance of the calibration of the vector hydrophone and also in the relevant mathematical physics model and the signal processing method. The project  also established a complete system , which covers the basic theory, design, production, testing, calibration and vector signal processing based on the integration and application of the vector hydrophone underwater detection system. It realizes the innovation and leap-forward development of the vector hydrophone technology in China, leads the world in this field in our country, promotes the development of our national underwater defense . In 2011, the project was awarded the first prize for national defense science and technology progress.

It took more than ten years for the project to be completed. The scientific research team  served for the purpose of the navy equipment and defense modernization, based on the requirement of the state and defense traction and set the goal to solve important technical problems. Under the guidance of academician Yang Shie, the team solved a number of core technology difficulties. In the past two years, professor Yang Desen and his team were responsible for the key project of national natural science funds and other 24 national projects.