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The First Domestic Inland Dry Cargo Vessel of LNG Power Put into Service

data: Mar 18, 15views: 1244

On March 18th,2015,”Green Dynamic 6002” built in Jiangsu Dajin Shipbuilding Industry Shipyard succeeded in trial voyage and was delivered to Shanghai Green Dynamic Water Transportation Co. Ltd, showing that the first domestic inland dry cargo vessel of LNG powerwill come into operation soon. “Green Dynamic 6002” was designed by Shanghai Bestway Marine Engineering Design Co.Ltd, and CCS Shanghai Branch and CCS Jiangsu Branch are responsible for plan approval and survey during construction respectively. The ship uses LNG fuel completely instead of traditional diesel fuel. According to the relevant technician’s saying, the ship showed superior environmental-friendly performance in trial voyage: compared with common cargo ship of the same model, emission load of CO2 decreased by 25%, nitric oxide emission decreased by 90%, sulfur oxide and PM2.5 almost reached zero emission.

In May 2014, Shanghai Bestway Marine Engineering Design Co.Ltd proposed a plan to build 200 vessels of dry cargo ships of LNG power, and this proposal received positive response and great support from CCS. CCS Headquarters, CCS Shanghai Branch, CCS Jiangsu Branch, Wuhan Rules Office and etc. offered timely and sufficient technical service in terms of plan approval and survey during construction, which gained full affirmative response from Shanghai Bestway Co. Ltd.

During the “two sessions” this year, “Ship Pollution” became one hot issue, and decreasing emission, minimizing pollution turned into “key words” for ship design in the future. CCS will continue to take full advantage of its technology, develop research of technical rules of green environmental-friendly fuel ship, provide high-class plan approval and inspection service, and promote new energy techniques’ application and development in domestic shipbuilding industry.