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Underwater Robot Technology

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Underwater Robot Technology:

    Underwater robots are the kind of underwater vehicle platforms which are capable of implementing marine environmental data acquisition, underwater submarine topography detection and offshore engineering, including autonomous underwater robots, remote underwater robots, manned submersibles, etc. they are important technical means and equipment in supporting the development of deep-sea resources and marine exploration, carrying out deep-sea research and operating deep-sea engineering. Underwater robotics focuses on the engineering applications of a series of underwater robots featuring various job functions. ICNAME will focus on the overall technology of underwater robots, intelligent control of underwater robots, underwater robot navigation, underwater robot communication, new concepts of underwater robots, special underwater robots, conducting collaborative innovation and cooperation in technical spheres mentioned above so as to provide technical support for the development of underwater robots.


1. The technology of comprehensive detecting submersible
    The new technology makes a breakthrough of the comprehensive optimization design technology of intelligent unmanned deep sea submersible and develops the ocean detecting submersible which could drive 1,000 meters. The comprehensive detecting submersible can be used in several operations, such as seabed probe of oil and gas engineering, the path determination before laying seabed oil and gas pipeline and other routine maintenance in the later stage.

2. “Intelligent Water” underwater robot series
    The intelligent underwater robotics is a ministerial level project undertook by HEU. By far, we have studied five types of test platforms and developed a number of the world’s advanced level technology. “Intelligent Water” underwater robot series can autonomously navigate in designated ocean areas, complete autonomy ocean environmental data collection, detect seabed topography, track underwater moving object and underwater relay communications and other operations.

Future Research Directions:
(1) Structure and intelligent control technology;
(2) voice and non-voice environment and target sensing technology;
(3) marine environment adaptation technology.

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