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Xia Guihua (Harbin Engineering University)

Professor, Vice President of Harbin Engineering University


Ph. D. Management Science and Engineering, Harbin Engineering University 2005

M.Sc. Management Science and Engineering, Harbin Engineering University 1999

B. S. Automatic Controls, Harbin Engineering University 1983

Porfessional Experience

2004-present Vice-President

2004-2003 Assistant President, Properties Man-agement Department

2003-2001 Assistant President and General Man-ager, High-Tech Park

2001-2000 Assistant President, Planning & Con-struction Department

1999-1996 Director, Planning & Construction Department

1996-1984 Deputy Director, Graduate Department

1984-1983 Teaching Affairs Office

R&D Experience

Panoramic vision system processing technology Includes: implementing math models and soft-ware, developing lab systems in the fields of design of reflective panoramic vision system, distortion correction of nonlinear images, electronic image stabilization, image enhancement, automatic target recognition, etc The technologies have been applied into the fields of mobile robot navigation, path planning, the measurement methods for helicopter rotor blade's pyramid angle, video monitor system of chemical ptant, etc., which have achieved some outcomes. Ship motion technology control (begun 2010) Includes: explorative study in the technical issues, i.e. general plan design for ship and ocean engineering dynamic positioning (DP) control systems, general plan design for ship navigation simulating system, general plan design for DP control system training simulator, etc.


Vice Chairman

Atilla Incecik (University of Stratchclyde)

Professor, Executive Dean, Faculty of Engineering of University of Strathclyde


Education Background:

1. BSc in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering (1971 -1975)   Istanbul Technical University

2. Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Ocean Engineering (1976 - 1982)   The University of Glasgow

Professional Qualification:

1. October 2007-present, Department of Naval Architecture, Ocean and Marine Engineering, University of Strathclyde     Professor of Offshore Engineering and Head of Department

2. May 1996-September 2007, Newcastle University      Professor of Offshore Eng. & Head of School

3. August 1985 - April 1996, University of Glasgow        Senior Lecturer

4. 2011, Steering Committee member of the EU-FP7 projects: MARSTRUCT, HTA, EMAR2RES Member

5. 2011, Member of the Research Strategy Plan-ning Group of the EU-FP7 Waterborne Technology Programme Member

6. May 2010, Convener of the Strathclyde Marine Institute (Host)

7. Sep 21st 2009, Floating Structures for Deep-water Operations (Organiser)

8.June 15th 2009, International Conference on Marine Science and Technology for Green Shipping (Organiser)

9.2009, Member of Advisory Board of the Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technol-ogy (KAIST)


Academic Achievements:


1. TLPWIND UK: Driving the cost down of off-shore wind in UK Waters

Clelland, David (Co-investigator) lncecik, Atilla (Co-investigator) Day, Alexander (Principal Investigator£©

Period 01-Sep-2014 - 08-Mar-2016

2. TIC LCPE On-bottom stability analysis of sub-sea cables for offshore wind applications (FI04) Day, Alexander (Co-investigator£© lncecik, Atilla (Co-investigator) Oterkus, Erkan (Co-investigator) Srinil, Narakorn (Principal Investigator) Period 01-Sep-2014 - 15-Dec-2015

3. Reducing the cost of HVDC Offshore Plat-forms

Duffy, Alexander (Co-investigator) lncecik, Atilla (Co-investigator) Day, Alexander (Principal In-vestigator)

Period 28-Jul-2014 - 27-Jan-2016

4. TIC LCPE: Safe and efficient personnel ac-cess to offshore wind turbines (AM03) Clelland, David (Co-investigator) lncecik, Atilla (Co-investigator) Turan, Osman (Co-investigator) Day, Alexander (Principal Investigator) Period 01-May-2014- 30-Apr-2015

5. Shipping in a Changing Climate

lncecik, Atilla (Co-investigator) Turan, Osman (Co-investigator) Day, Alexander (Principal In-vestigator)

Period 01-Nov-2013 - 30-Apr-2017


Kirill Rozhdestvensky (St. Petersburg State Marine Technical University)

Vice President of Saint-Petersburg State Marine Technical University


He is the author of the book Aerodynamics of a Lifting System in Extreme Ground Effect (2000). This book describes a mathematical model of flow past a lifting system performing steady and unsteady motion in close proximity to the underlying solid surface (ground). The author consid-ers various approximations based on the general method of matched asymptotic expansions applied to lifting flows. Particular importance is attached to the case of extreme ground effects describing very small relative ground clearances. Practitioners involved in the design of wing-in-ground effect vehicles will find in this book all the relevant formulae and calculated data for the prediction of aerodynamic characteristics in this important limiting case. More generally, this book is suitable for graduate students, researchers and engineers working or lecturing in the area of theoretical aerodynamics.

In 9.03.2013, he attended The Society for Underwater Technology Technical Conference(SUTTC2013) and wrote Study of Submersion of a Body Equipped with Buoyancy Engine with Account of Density Profile and Hull Compression. This paper contains an analysis of submersion of a body, equipped with buoyancy engine, based on a simplified mathematical model, accounting for depthwise density profile and hull compression.


Fai Cheng (Lloyd's Register)

Head of Research & Technology

Education Background

BSc, PhD

Professional  Qualification

FRINA, FIMEST, C. Eng., C. Mar. Eng., Eur. Eng.

Academic Achievements

First Class Honours


Sime Malenica (Bureau Veritas)

Deputy Director of the Research Department of Bureau Veritas, France


Sime Malenica has Naval Architecture degree (1990) from University of Zagreb and PhD degree in Hydrodynamics (1994) from Paris VI University. After his PhD graduation he joined Bureau Veritas where he is still employed. He has been head of the hydro structure section team in the Research Department for a long time and in 2008 he became the Deputy Director of the Research Department. His main fields of research concerns the different aspects of hydro-structure interactions (linear, non-linear, frequency & time domains, quasi static and hydroelastic, local and global. .. ) and he is leading several national and international research projects on those topics. His research activities include both theoretical and practical aspects of ship and off-shore hydrodynamics and he published more than 80 papers both in scientific journals and at the specialized conferences. He is also external lecturer at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture in Zagreb (Croatia), and at Ecole Centrale de Nantes (France)


Heng Chiang Gnee (Singapore Maritime Institute)

Executive Director


Education Background

1. Bachelor in 1977 University of Newcastle Upon Tyne (UK)

2. Master in Management (1990) Sloan School of Management at MIT

Professional Qualification

1. Currently, Singapore Maritime Institute (SMI) Executive Director

2. 2005-2007, Sembcorp Environment Management Pte Ltd CEO

3. Sembawang Shipyard CEO


On the national front, Chiang Gnee is engaged in workplace safety and health management and in vocational technical education. He is Deputy Chairman of the Singapore Workplace Safety and Health Council and Deputy Chairman of the Institute of Technical Education Board of Governors.


Xu Miao (China State Shipbuilding Corporation)

Assistant of General Manager


Luo Jiyan (China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation)



Zhu Kai (China Classification Society)

Vice President


Secretary General

Han Duanfeng (Harbin Engineering University)

Vice President

Education Background

1984-1988 Harbin Marine Engineering College
1992-1995 graduate student, Harbin Engineering University
1996-2002 Harbin Engineering University doctoral student
2001-2002 Japan Hitachi shipbuilding Ming factory visiting scholar


1988-1990 Harbin ship General Corporation shipyard technician
1990-1995 Deputy chief engineer of Harbin shipping company
1995-2001 Deputy Director / Associate Professor, Department of design and research, School of ship engineering, Harbin Engineering University CAD/CAM Laboratory Director / Professor, School of marine engineering, Harbin Engineering University, 2002.3-2006.4
2006-2007 Associate Dean / Professor, School of marine engineering, Harbin Engineering University
2007-2015 Professor, Dean, Harbin Engineering University

2015-present Vice President, Harbin Engineering University


Expert group member of the deep sea exploration technology in the field of "863" plan
General equipment department ship general professional team members
Deputy director of the National Standardization Technical Committee for diving
New ship type group members of the Ministry of industry and information technology ship "12th Five-Year"
Ministry of science and technology development planning and drafting of the members of the expert group
Director of National Engineering Laboratory for digital shipbuilding
Member, deputy director of the Technical Committee for standardization of computer applications
Member of the Technical Committee for submarine technical support for submarine rescue
National Natural Science Foundation of China
Academic Committee of China Shipbuilding Engineering Society
Ministry of education, Ministry of education, doctoral peer review experts


Council Member

Carlos Guedes Soares

Lisbon University Institute


Professor Carlos Guedes Soares had double master degrees of Civil Engineering and Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering at Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1976; Doctoral degree of Engineering at University of Trondheim, Norway in 1984, and Doctoral degree of Science at Technical University of Lisbon in 1991. At present, he is the president of Centre for Marine Technology and Ocean Engineering, University of Lisbon.

Professor Carlos Guedes Soares has very high academic influence and international fame in the fields of ship structure, system reliability, and ocean engineering. He is the chairman of International Ship and Offshore Structures Congress, ISSC); the chairman of the European Security and Reliability Association Technical Committee; and the editor-in-chief of international journal of Reliability Engineering & Systems Safety. He has been involved in more than 60 international projects. He has published more than 400 SCI papers in international journnals and 40 proceedings as editor-in chief.


Pierre Ferrant (Ecole Centralede Nantes)

Head, Research Laboratory in Hydrodynamics, Energetics and Atmospheric Environment (LHEEA)

Education Background:

1988 PhD, Ecole Centrale de Nantes

1989-1998 Research Engineer, Sirehna,Nantes

1998-2008 Associate Professor, Ecole Centrale de Nantes

Since 2008: Full Professor, Eole Centrale de Nantes

Since 2012: Head, LHEEA Lab., Ecole Centrale de Nantes

2005-2008 Chairman, Ocean Engineering technical committee, ITTC

Since 2011- Member of the Advisory Council, ITIC Local coordinator of the International EMSHIP Erasmus Mundus Master program Expert for Agence Nationale de la Recherche (FR), ADEME(FR), EPSRC (UK), SINTEF (NO), Dutch research council NL), Romanian research funding agency (UEFISCEDI -RO), University of Shanghai Jiao Tong (China), University of Harbin (China) Chairman of the 32nd Int. Conf. on Ocean. Offshore and Arctic Engineering -OMAE2013(~1200 participants) Visiting professor, University of Osaka, 2014, 2015


Numerical and experimental simulation of free surface flows, wave-body interactions, wave generation techniques with application to ocean engineering, ship performance, marine renewable energy. Physical phenomena: Nonlinear water wave generation and propagation, freak waves, impact, sloshing, fluid-structure interaction, nonlinear wave-current-structure interactions, ship flows. Numerical & Experimental approaches: Coupied methods for wave-structre interactions, spectral methods for non-linear free surface flows, boundary element methods, model basin experiments.


Yonghwan Kim £¨Seoul National University£©

Professor, Chair in Department of Naval Architecture & Ocean Engineering

Education Background

1. B.S. in Naval Architecture, Seoul National University. 1987

2. M.S. in Marine Hydrodynamics, Seoul National University. 1989

3. Ph .D. in Marine Hydrodynamics. Massachusetts Institute of Technology. 1999

Research Areas

Motion Dynamics and Simulation of Ships and Off shore Structures: Ship Stability; Fluid-Structure lnteraction and Ship Structural Hydroelasticity; SIoshing Dynamics; Green Ship Technology; Hydro-oriented Ship Design; CFO for Seakeeping of Marine Vehicles.

Professional Qualification

1. Seoul National University, Seoul. South Korea (2004-present)

Professor, Department of Naval Architecture & Ocean Engineering

2. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA (2001-2004)

Research Scientist, Department of Ocean Engineering

3. American Bureau of Shipping. Houston. TX (1998- 2001)

Assistant Senior Researcher, Research Department

4. DAEWOO Heavy Machinery and Shipbuilding Co. , Koje, Korea (1989-1994)

Assistant Manager. DAEWOO Marine Research lnstitute

5. ITIC Seakeeping Committee: Chair

6. Journal of Marine Science and Technology: Editorial board member

7. Journal of Engineering on Marine Environment: Editorial board member

8. Ships and Offshore Structures: Editorial board member

9. Journal of Marine Science and Application: Editorial board member

10. International Journal of Hydrodynamics: Editorial committee member

11. Journal of Advanced Research on Ocean Engineering: Editor-in-Chief

12. Society of Naval Architects of Korea: Director of International Affairs

13. lnternational Society of Offshore and Polar Engineering: TPC member

14. Korean Society of Offshore Engineering: Director

15. Korean Towing Tank conference: Chair of Seakeeping Committee

16. Director, SNU Offshore Plant Education Center (SOPEC)

17. Director, LRF-Funded Research Center at SNU for FSI (LRFC)

18. Director, Advanced Marine Engineering Center (AMEC).SNU

19. Director, BK21 PLUS Education & Research Center for Offshore Plant Engineers

Academic Achievement

Professor Yonghwan Kim is the author of about 300 technical papers in naval architecture and ocean engineering. He organized many international conferences, including IWWWFB, ITTC-ISSC Joint Work-shop, ITTC Seakeeping Workshop, and IWSH. He got many awards including best papers in several conferences and journals and Song-Am Award of the SNAK. He was also chosen as one of 100 Future Engineers in Korea, and he got the Young Engineer Award of the National Academy of Engineering of Korea, one of the most prestigious awards in Korean engineering com-munity.


Chen Xiaobo (Bureau Veritas)

Director of Deepwater Technology Research Centre 

Director of International R&D Cooperation Marine and Offshore Division


Education Background

1. Graduation from Tsinghua University (China) (1983)

2. Ph.D in Hydrodynamics (1988)

Ecole Centrale Nantes (France)

3. Post-doctoral fellowship from Institute Francais du Petrole

Professional Qualification

1. Currently, Deepwater Technology Research Centre in Singapore, Bureau Veritas Director

2. Since 1991, Ocean Technology Department and in the Research Department of the Marine Division, Bureau Veritas Research engineer Hydrodynamics & Mooring Section, Bureau Veritas Head lnternational R&D Cooperation Director

He has been a member of the IACS working group WD-SL and the ISSC Technical Committee on Loads, and chaired the recent IACS-HPT01 working group on harmonisation of the Common Structure Rules. Since 2006, he has been working under a professorship with Harbin Engineering University, and he has been Adjunct Professor of The University of Western Australia since 2010. 

Academic Achievements: 

Throughout this period he has been very active in the theoretical research of free surface flows and wave loading as well as applications to the sea-keeping assessment of FPSOs, semi-submersibles, containerships, LNG carriers and high-speed vessels. He has written over a hundred technical papers for presentation to major international conferences and publication in a variety of industry publications, including the Journal of Fluid Mechanics, Journal of Engineering Mathematics, Journal of Ship Research, Ship Technology Research, and Marine Structure. His original contributions include the middle-field formulation for the computation of second-order wave loads and the analytical features of unsteady ship waves. Furthermore, the HydroStar software was developed during the course of his Ph.D studies and has been continually enhanced during his time at Bureau Veritas so that it is now widely regarded in the offshore industry and routinely used by more than forty companies to evaluate first-order and second-order wave loading and vessel response.


Aleksander Bekker (Far Eastern Federal University)

Director of School of Engineering

Education Background:

1963-1969 - studied at Far Eastern Polytechnic Institute Civil Engineering Department, Vladivstok; 

1971-1974- Far Eastern Hydraulic Engineering and Melioration Research Institute, Vladivostok. 

Academic and scientific degrees:

Doctor of Engineering, Professor, corresponding member of Russian Academy of Architecture and Construction Sciences (RAACS). 

National awards:

Honorary Figure of Russian Higher Education (1999), Order of Friendship (2005).

Working Experience:

1974-1976 Associate scientist at Far Eastern Hydraulic Engineering and Melioration Research Institute. Vladivostok;

1975 - awarded with Technical Sciences degree; 

1976-92 - Senior lecturer, associate professor at Hydraulics Department of Far Eastern State Technical University, Vladivostok;

1979 - awarded with Associate professor degree;

1992-2011 - Head of Hydraulics Department of Far Eastern State Technical University, Vladivostok; 

1995 - Professor degree; 

1998 - awarded with Doctor of Engineering degree; 

2003 - elected as corresponding member of RAACS; 

2011 to present time - director of School of Engineering in Far Eastern Federal university. professor at of Hydraulic Engineering and the Theory of Constructions Department. 

R&D Experience:

Aleksander Bekker has developed the concept and the mathematical description of ice loads formation processes including spatial and temporal variability of the ice regime parameters in the Arctic seas and peculiarities of ice cover interaction with marine engineering structures. Based on this, it was developed a set of mathematical models of ice cover and its interaction with coast- al zone and marine facilities. He has established a scientific school in the field of marine hydraulic engineering and glaciology. Aleksander Bekker is the author of the ice cover probabilistic descrip- tion concept that gave a basis tor development of a series of mathematical models and software to simulate ice effects on coastal areas in ice seas and marine engineering structures in continen- tal shelf. Aleksander Bekker is a chief editor of FEFU ¡°School of Engineering Annals¡± journal, an editorial board member of "International Journal of Ocean System and Engineering¡±, since 1992 - a member of PACOMS Executive Committee of the International Society for Offshore and Arctic Technology (ISOPE) and since 2012 - ISOPE director, a member of the International Association of Ice hydraulic Researchers Committee (IAHR, 2006-2010). 

Ateksander Bekker is a head of international (English language) Master program in Offshore and Coastal Engineering and Marine Hydraulic Structures and Waterways Engineering Facilities Master program in FEFU School of Engineering.


Junichi Hirata (ClassNK)
General Manager of R&D


Education Background

Degree in Naval Architecture

Yokohama National University

Professional Qualification

1. Currently, Practical R&D Promotion Division, ClassNK (General Manager)

2. From 2007, Ship Recycling Team, ClassNK (Core Member)

3. 2004-2007, Planning Division, Japan Ship Machinery Equipment Association (JSMEA) (General Manager)

4. 1985-2004, Japan¡¯s Ministry of Transport (now the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport, and Tourism), International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Japanese Embassy in Singapore


Eugeniy Trushliakov (Admiral Makarov National University of Shipping)

First Vice-Rector, Professor, Ph.D. 

Admiral Makarov National University of Ship-building, Ukraine 


Education Background

1. Diploma of Mechanical Engineer£¨1980-1986)

Nikolaev Shipbuilding Institute

2. Postgraduate Courses (1988-1991) Nikolaev Shipbuilding Institute

3. Ph.D. degree (1994, June)

National University of Shipbuilding (former Nikolaev Shipbuilding Institute)

Professional Qualification

1. 2008, February - Present, Admiral Makarov National University of Shipbuilding First Vice-Rector (Educational and lnternational Affairs), Professor

2. 2010 - Present, Scientific-Methodological Commission of Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine in the field of Naval Architecture and Ocean Technology, Vice-Head

3. 2014, April-May, Weiser Center for Europe and Eurasia, and VIVACE Lab, Naval Archi-tecture and Marine Engineering Department at University of Michigan, USA, Visiting Professor

4. 2007, June - 2008, February, Head of International Cooperation Department, Asso-ciate Professor, Admiral Makarov National University of Shipbuilding

5. 1999, August - 2007, June, Associate Professor, Head of Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Department, Associate Dean for Distant and Second Degree Education, National University of Shipbuilding

6. 2002 - Present, Joint Stock Company ¡±Ekvator Plant¡± Scientific & Project Design Consultant

7. 1998, August -1999, August, University of Michigan, Naval Architecture and Marine En-gineering Department

Visiting Fulbright Scholar and Visiting Pro-fessor

8. 1997, April, Kyiv Institute of Qualification Increase for Higher Education Institutions Leaders

Qualification Certificate of Dean

9. 1993, June - 1998, August, Associate Dean of Mechanical Engineering Faculty, Associate Professor of Air Conditioning & Refrigeration, Department, Ukrainian State Maritime Technical University

10. 1992, January - 1993, June, Ukrainian State Maritime Technical University Assistant Professor, Senior Research Scien-tist

11. 1986, April - 1991, December, Research Department <Aquanaut> , Nikolaev Ship-building Institute

Engineer, Lecturer, Research Scientist, As-sistant Head

Academic Achievements:

An author or co-author of more than 100 publications in various fields (Life Support Systems and Air Conditioning Engineering, Ecology and Environment Protection, Re-newable Energy Sources, Methodology and Quality of Higher Education, etc.), including 5 textbooks for university students.


Li Xiaoping (Marine Design Research Institute of China)
Vice Director


Chen Gang (Shanghai Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding Co., Ltd)
Vice General Manager


Liu Song (China Ship Development and Design Center)
Vice Director


Zhou Weixin (China Ship Scientific Research Center)
Vice Director


Yu Ya (CIMC Raffles)


 Huang Yi (Dalian University of Technology)


 Gao Xifeng (Tianjin University)
Vice Dean


  Dai Yuewei (Jiangsu University of Science and Technology)
Vice Presedent


 Li Tingqiu (Wuhan University of Technology)


 Chen Chaohe (South China University of Technology)
Vice Dean


Wan Decheng (Shanghai Jiaotong University)
Vice Dean


Zhao Yan (Huazhong University of Science and Technology)


Bai Yong (Zhejiang University)



Assistant Secretary General: Liu Zhiqiang, Chen Hailong
Secretary: Chi Miao, Xue Yanzhuo, Li Jianing, Zhaoyan, Zhong Chongna, Sun Cong

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