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The International Joint Research Center of Ship And Ocean Engineering Mechanics Identified by Ministry of Science and Technology 08/12/2014
Marine intelligent detective submersible accomplished med-term test successfully leading national AUV in deep ocean engineering application 31/10/2014
Professor de-sen Yang of Harbin engineering university won ¡°Science and Technology Awards¡± 31/10/2014
HEU¡¯s vice President Xia Guihua: China and Russia can Strengthen the Collaborative Innovation of Marine Engineering Technology in Four Areas 27/10/2014
Domestic High-Precision "Ultra Short Baseline Positioning System" Breaks the Foreign Monopoly 23/10/2014
Chinese Successful Developed the DP3 Dynamic Positioning System Which Broke the Foreign Monopoly 21/10/2014
Harbin Engineering University gains 4 national teaching prizes 10/09/2014
Several National Media Focused on ¡°Deep Ocean Engineering and High Tech Collaborative Innovation Center¡± 22/05/2014
Guangming Daily: ¡°Collaborative Innovation¡± on The Blue Ocean of HEU 06/05/2014
People News: Harbin Engineering University and CNOOC Jointly Develop New Submarine Pipeline Connector 05/05/2014
Sina: "Ship and Ocean Engineering Floating Load Calculation Software" Developed by HEU and China Classification Society Fills the Blank 25/04/2014
HEU Cooperative Innovation Center Power the Operation of World's Largest Power Generation Capacity of Vertical Tidal Power Station 24/04/2014
¡°Numerical Tank¡± Helps Marine Stimulation Technology Enter a New Stage 18/04/2014
"Numerical Tank" Leading Marine Scientific Research into the New World of Simulation 18/04/2014
DUAN Wenyang¡¯s Dream of A Sea Power Country 17/04/2014
The Center Employed American Marine Engineering Expert Kingis El Tekin as Visiting Professor 17/04/2014
Alumni YE Cong is nominated to be a 2013 Ocean Scholar 17/04/2014
Harbin Engineering University Made Progress in the Research Field of FluidMechanics 01/04/2014
China First Subsea Template's Independent Installation Succeed 20/03/2014
CSSC and CETC Signed a Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement 18/03/2014
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