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HEU Cooperative Innovation Center Power the Operation of World's Largest Power Generation Capacity of Vertical Tidal Power Station
24/04/2014 13:43:48
    Recently, the world's largest power generation capacity floating vertical tidal power station "Hai Neng-III" ran successfully in Guishan channel of Daishan County of Zhejiang Province, suggesting that China has ranked the advanced level in tidal power generation technology in the world. It is said that core technology of the power station is independently developed by Harbin Engineering University which is the leading unit of the "deep ocean engineering and high-tech ship collaborative innovation center".
    Tidal power is a hot spot of the worldĄŻs new energy field, and China remained the world's advanced level in this field. In 1999 the worldĄŻs first frame tidal power station is built in the Guishan channel of Zhejiang, China. Floating tidal power station is the latest technology in the tidal power generation.
    Reporters learned from Harbin Engineering University that "Hai Neng-III" power station applied the "double unit cross type turbine patent technology" and "floating catamaran carrier technology" which is developed by Harbin Engineering University and it can start all by itself. The successful operation of the power station provides with experience for the overall design of tidal energy power generation system and the improvement of the core components.
    Zhang Liang, chief of marine new energy technology of the Center, professor of Harbin Engineering University, told reporters: "the basic research of current tidal power station is still in the exploring stage, the offshore construction technology is still not perfect. As for this relatively new field, exploration and accumulation from basic research, technology research and development to project implementation are needed. Only through collaborative innovation, can we really make achievements grow, blossom and fruit."

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