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Kyushu University
15/12/2016 11:27:29

    For more than one century since its foundation in 1911, Kyushu University has produced talented individuals who are capable of taking active roles around the world, by implementing excellent education and research as one of the leading universities in Japan.

    We believe that a university¡¯s mission is to pursue constant progress in academics, to explore all aspects of the universe, including science, technology and culture, to seek truth from moments in time along the temporal axis that links past to future, and to cast the light of wisdom to horizons beyond this.

    In order to fulfill this mission, Kyushu University moves into the future on the basis of the history that our forerunners have built. One example of our efforts in this direction is the relocation and development of the Ito Campus. This project started in 2005, with the goal of creating a campus that would allow for the study of next-generation energy systems, and that would actively use natural energy resources, toward building a sustainable society. The project has been proceeding smoothly and is expected to be completed by Academic Year 2019. With this future-oriented campus as its core, Kyushu University is working day in and day out in a variety of areas, primarily in education, research and health care.

    In terms of education, Kyushu University began a new education system in the Faculty of Arts and Science in Academic Year 2014, to help all students¡°learn about learning and thinking¡±and acquire basic knowledge and skills before moving on to study in their majors. Most students studying at our university are still in their adolescent years, and this is an important time for them to find a direction in life through flexible thinking, and to construct their own identities. We would like to encourage them to develop a sincere commitment to scholarship and to realize the joy of learning, and we also will continue communicating to them the importance of reflecting on themselves and asking themselves who they are and what they want to do, thereby shaping their own views.

    From the perspective of research, we make it our principle to value the free-flowing research activities of the individual schools and faculties in various academic disciplines, while respecting their characteristics. We are also aware of our responsibility, as a comprehensive university, to support basic research as the origin of all creation, while at the same time, fostering new academic disciplines. And, above all things, we must be a university where young researchers who will play a leading role in these disciplines can find hope for the future.

    In addition, in the sphere of health care, Kyushu University aims to actively promote the development of basic research in medical science, dentistry and pharmacology into clinical practice. The University Hospital, as the core hospital in the Western region of Japan, is working to further highly advanced medical treatment, including treatment of intractable diseases, emergency medical care and medical transplantation. It is also working to fulfill its mission as an international medical institution open to Asian countries.

    In the three main domains of education, research and health care, Kyushu University aims to lead the world and make a greater leap forward. We recognize that our university is expected to attract more international students as a global center of knowledge focused on Asia, and to prosper together with the city where it is based and keep growing so that local citizens will take pride in us and rely on us as one of the leading universities in Japan.

    Over the centuries, the environments in which universities find themselves at home and abroad have changed dramatically. Amidst these changes, Kyushu University has been taking constant steps forward, following its clear vision and direction, while meeting the various demands of the times.

    Kyushu University will continue to keep tackling the issues of the future.

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