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Themes and Topics
15/01/2016 14:03:23
• Technologies for Green Ships: Green Ship Configuration Design for the Future; EEDI and EEOI versus Safety Requirements; Energy Saving in Engines and Propulsion Systems; New Sources of Ship Power; Other Issues Concerning Green Ship Technology;
• Naval Architecture: Naval Platforms; Global Support Systems; Ship Motions; Naval Innovation; Electrical Systems; Modelling & Simulation; Modular Design; Underwater Vehicles, Auxiliaries;
• Marine Engineering Systems: Propulsion Systems; Navigation & Positioning Systems; Hydrodynamics Systems & Equipment; Materials, Composites & Corrosion; Fuels and Emissions; Marine Control Systems; Ballast & Water Management; Safety; Noise and Vibration Control;
• Offshore Engineering: Design and Analysis of Deepwater Floating Structures; Motion and Dynamic Response of Floating Structures; CFD Modelling of Offshore Structures; Fluid-Structure Interaction Modelling; Design and Analysis of Station-Keeping Systems; Deepwater Floating Structures Modelling and Experiments; Riser & Pipeline VIV Experiments and Analysis;
• Marine Environment & Marine Renewables: Wave, Wind & Tidal Energy; Site Selection of Renewable Power Station; Climate Change; Reefs; Oil Spillage Cleaning Operations; Hydrates; EEZ Management; Protection of Marine Ecosystems; Effects and Mitigation of Carbon Capture and Storage; Underwater Mining; Policies and Measures of World in Exploitation and Utilization of Ocean Energy; Marine Natural Reserves and Renewable Resources; Marine Environmental Policy; Marine Renewable Energy Policy; Maritime Safety and Security; Logistics and Supply Chain Management; Climate Change and Shipping; Port Management; Human Resources, Higher Education and Skills Training;

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