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China¡¯s Numerical Wave Tank Project Participated in 2017 China-EU Shipbuilding Dialogue Meeting
09/04/2017 15:05:16

   The 2017 China-EU Shipbuilding Dialogue Meeting was held on March 28th, in Beijing by Industrial Equipment Division, MIIT (Ministry of Industry and Information Technology). 27 delegates in total attended the meeting, who came from different organizations and institutes such as: European internal market, industry, startups (staring a business) and Department of Aerospace Defense & Maritime Industries under General Office for Minor Enterprises (small and medium-sized enterprises), European delegation in China, European Maritime and Equipment Association, German Shipbuilding and Ocean Industries Association£¬Danish Maritime, related European enterprises and China Association of National Shipbuilding, China Offshore (Deep sea) Industry Alliance, related enterprises, research institutions, colleges and universities etc. Prof. Xia Guihua, director of the management committee of NWT project, and Prof. Duan Wenyang, chief architect of the project, attended the meeting as the only delegates representing colleges and universities.

   Mr. Wang Ruihua, vice director of Industrial Equipment Division, MIIT and Mr. Alain Alexis, head of Department of Aerospace Defense & Maritime Industries under General Office for Minor Enterprises, attended the meeting and made a speech respectively. Following their speeches, an exchange and discussion was made with its focus on global shipbuilding¡¯s situation and development, China-Europe shipbuilding industry policies, opportunities and trends on China-Europe shipbuilding bilateral cooperation etc. In addition, Prof. Duan Wenyang gave a keynote speech on ¡°China¡¯s NWT Technology Research¡±.

  China-EU Shipbuilding Dialogue is an integral part of China-European Union mechanism of industrial dialogue and it has grown to be a key platform for deepening the two sides¡¯ mutual exchange and cooperation in shipbuilding. This China-EU Shipbuilding Dialogue Meeting is the 6th one since its first time in 2011. Over the dialogue, both sides have taken a further step and reached a consensus on enhancing the cooperation between them. China and Europe complement each other in a great way in terms of shipbuilding, as Europe has already taken its place in the front ranks of the world, while China enjoys a huge market and great potential development, thus making the starting point/basic point to carry out cooperation between the two sides. Particularly, with the development of world marine economy and rise of new technological changes, as well as the implementation of China¡¯s ¡°great maritime power¡± strategy and ¡°Belt and Road Initiative¡±, both sides have broader/vast space for cooperation in fields of hi-tech ships, marine engineering equipment, core set, smart/intelligent ships and IM (intelligent manufacturing).


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