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2017 The Third International Conference for Innovation and Cooperation in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering Held
12/10/2017 21:25:05

From September 7th to 9th, the International Innovation and Cooperation in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering Alliance £¨ICNAME£©, led by HEU, held The Third International Conference for Innovation and Cooperation in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering (ICNAME 2017) with the theme of "innovation-driven cooperation and win-win" in Qingdao West Coast New Area.

The meeting was co-sponsored by HEU and the Second East Asian Ocean Cooperation Platform, Huangdao Forum. More than 300 famous academic masters, top scholars and industry experts from the United States, France, Britain, Russia, Brazil and other 20 countries and regions 104 colleges and universities, enterprises, research institutes, in the field of ships and marine engineering gathered here. They carried out deep-level exchanges and cooperation on the smart Ship, marine renewable energy, deep sea engineering, underwater robot,  talents training in marine field, "one belt, one road" international innovation and cooperation. The meeting provided opportunities for experts, scholars and entrepreneurs to think and match, and also created the conditions for deepening cooperation between domestic marine and marine enterprises and ICNAME, which provided intellectual support for the strategic innovation of marine power and also added new energy.

Xia Guihua£¬Chairman of ICNAME£¬Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of HEU £¬presided over the opening ceremony Deputy Director of Qingdao Economic and Information Technology Committee Zhang Lin, Vice President of HEU Zhang Zhijian, President of China Shipbuilding Industry Association, Guo Dacheng, gave speeches respectively .Pierre Besse, Former Vice President of the French BV Classification Society, was appointed as the permanent vice chairman of ICNAME.

                 Jonathon Arthur Chambers, Academician of the Royal Academy of Engineering, famous Professor of Newcastle University, Jangwhan Kim, Chief Scientist of TechnicFMC, Houston, USA, DuanWenyang, Yangtse River Scholar, Distinguished Professor of HEU and other experts and scholars made reports on marine renewable energy, deep sea engineering and other directions.

Zhang Zhijian on behalf of HEU awarded William Carleton Webster, Academician of American Academy of Engineering, professor ofUniversityofCaliforniaatBerkeley, the "Harbin Engineering University International Cooperation Outstanding Contribution Award" and wore the school badge. Over the past decade, William Carleton Webster as an overseas academic master of ¡°deep sea engineering science and science and technology innovation talents inviting base¡±, has made outstanding contributions to the international exchange and scientific research work of overseas science and technology innovation.

   On September8, the Intelligent Ship Sub-forum, the Maritime field of Talents Training Sub-forum, the International Conference on Deep Offshore Engineering, Underwater Robot International Conference, and Ocean Renewable Energy International Conference held five sub-forum.66 experts and scholars from different areas shared the unit's research results, and exchanged the latest international research progress and trends in the relevant areas. The experts at the same time held 7multilateral talks, nearly 30 bilateral talks. These talks centered on ¡°one belt, one road national cooperation, personnel training, international joint research and other areas. Meanwhile, the third session of the ICNAME first session of the Council was held at the meeting. The Secretariat reported the annual work to the general assembly. Subcommittees of intelligent ships, deep sea projects, marine renewable energy and personnel training were prepared to be set up at the meeting. Additionally£¬Aalto University of Finland, Harbin Institute of Technology were absorbed as a governing unit. Participants expressed their full recognition of the contribution of this meeting and the contribution of ICNAME¡¯s international cooperation in the field of maritime. Besides, participants made recommendations on the future development of the organization. Chairman Xia Guihua said in the summary that every governing unit had made tremendous contributions to the international cooperation in the field of marine and marine engineering. In the future ICNAME would continue to insist on the concept of innovation and cooperation, and actively promote the international consensus of colleges and universities, Research institutes and establish extensive cooperation in the field of personnel training, scientific research and other areas.


Council members participating the meeting achieved fruitful results at the double meeting and multilateral meeting.20 participants from Southampton University, Newcastle University, Makarov National Shipbuilding University and Seoul University  reached a consensus on personnel training and international exchange and signed a proposal about talents training forum in ICNAME marine .China and Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia negotiated to reach an agreement on the full range of scientific and technological cooperation. our school and the French classification societies signed ship shipwreck numerical pool verification research and development contract; South China University of Technology, the South China University of Science and Technology, Shanghai Shipbuilding Science Institute and Singapore Maritime Technology Research Institute, National University of Singapore, Japan Classification Society, France BV Classification Society and our school communicated and reached an agreement on the intelligent ship. The preparatory meeting of International ship and marine engineering disciplines advisory committee was also set up at the meeting. The participating experts put forward important suggestions on the development of our school marine disciplines, promotion first-class university and first-class discipline construction and other work. A series of multilateral exchange meetings were also held at the meeting, including a "one belt ,one road" Southeast Asia ocean exchange and cooperation, " one belt ,one road " International Marine and Marine Engineering Training project, joint college docking conference. Huangdao District Organization Department and the HEU Qingdao Ship Science and Technology Park co-sponsored the Shandong Province ship and marine engineering equipment industry development and technological innovation exchange and talent intelligence docking work conference, inviting 10 experts in the field of ship and marine engineering at home and abroad and 31 ship-related enterprises of Qingdao West Coast New Area to discuss. They had exchanges on the introduction of talents, technical support, market cooperation to promote the introduction of high-end talent enterprises, providing a platform to promote technological transformation and product upgrades.

It is said that in the future ICNAME will continue to absorb well-known universities, enterprises and research institutes in the field of marine,  fromGermany, Brazil, Italy,  theNetherlands, Poland, Turkey, Pakistan and other countries to become governing units. and carry out the formation of professional subcommittees, applying for the International Maritime Organization (IMO) consultative status, strengthening the international industry student exchanges and personnel training, promoting the numerical pool deeply, ice ship, marine renewable energy, intelligent ships and other topics of international joint research to promote "one belt, one road" country to strengthen the cooperation of BRIC in the field of shipping and so on.


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