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The 2nd International Workshop on Fluid-Structure Interaction Held in Harbin

date: Dec 30, 23views: 1316

From December 26th to 28th, the Second International Workshop on Fluid-Structure Interaction was held at Harbin Engineering University. Over 80 scholars and researchers from the United States, Germany, Singapore and China reported and discussed the latest research achievements and cutting-edge technologies in fluid-structure interaction dynamics. The symposium aimed to explore future research development directions in this field.

The opening ceremony was presided over by Zhang Aman (chair of the conference and secretary-general of the HEU Science and Technology Association), and speeches were made by professor Yu Zhiwen (vice president of HEU), prof. Wang Yiwei (chair of fluid mechanics section of the Chinese Society of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics) and prof. Phan-Thien Nhan (academician of the Australian Academy of Science, associate editor of “Physics of Fluids”).

On behalf of the university, Yu Zhiwen extended a warm welcome to the participating experts and expressed gratitude for their support in organizing the conference. He emphasized that the conference served as a platform for exchange and collaboration, encouraging experts and scholars to share new ideas and contribute to the development of research in the fields of fluid-structure interaction and hydrodynamics. Yu hoped that the conference would facilitate meaningful discussions and foster interdisciplinary advancements in fundamental scientific research.

Wang Yiwei emphasized that in recent years, the study of fluid-structure interaction had shown distinct interdisciplinary characteristics, playing a unique role in fields such as ocean engineering, advanced manufacturing, acoustics, biology, and chemical engineering. This has posed higher requirements for scholars in terms of improving theoretical systems and engineering application forecasts. He encouraged active participation in showcasing and exchanging new advancements during the conference.

The conference featured keynote speeches by internationally renowned experts, including professor Phan-Thien Nhan, professor Khoo Boo Cheong from National University of Singapore, professor Claus-Dieter Ohl from Magdeburg University in Germany, professor Liu Tiegang from Beihang University, and professor Zhang Aman from Harbin Engineering University. The presentations covered the latest research developments in fluid-structure interaction dynamics, bubble dynamics, mathematical models in fluid dynamics, experimental techniques in multiphase flow, cavitation flow, and more. The discussions delved into advanced topics such as high-precision numerical simulation methods and applications in multiphase flow, mechanisms of bubble interaction with structures, unified equations for bubbles and their applications, and other cutting-edge interdisciplinary issues.

The second International Workshop on Fluid-Structure Interaction was hosted by the Chinese Society of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics (CSTAM) and Harbin Engineering University (HEU), and co-organized by fluid mechanics working party of CSTAM, Beihang University, and the Editorial Office for Physic of Fluids.  In collaboration with the journal Physics of Fluids, selected conference papers will be recommended to Physics of Fluids for a special issue on fluid-structure interaction dynamics.