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International Innovation & Cooperation in Naval Architecture & Marine Engineering conference (ICNAME 2024)

date: Jan 26, 24views: 1284

The ICNAME 2024 conference will be held in Harbin, China, from 22–25 August 2024.

In order to better promote the inter-institutional collaboration in scientific research, technological innovations and education of students of naval architecture and ocean/marine engineering, in 2024 ICNAME will:

(1) Organize the ICNAME academic conference (Call for Papers will be announced soon)

(2) Build the network for joint development projects

(3) Build the network of inter-institutional laboratory and campus

The ICNAME 2024 academic conference will be organized for technical presentations in the areas of:

(1) Theories and methods of ships and offshore structure mechanics

(2) Design and production of ships and offshore structures

(3) Green shipping and offshore renewable energy

(4) Methods for smart ships and unmanned marine systems

(5) Maritime environmental acoustics and under-water information technology