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Deep-sea Engineering and High-tech Ship Collaborative Innovation Center Enters MIIT's First Batch of Collaborative Innovation Center

date: Mar 13, 14views: 1717

Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced the certification of the first batch of the MIIT Collaborative Innovation Center, which approved the recognition of the deep-sea engineering and high-tech ship collaborative innovation center led by Harbin Engineering University.

In accordance with the general requirements of "industry urgently needed, world-class", the MIIT Collaborative Innovation Center is oriented towards the significant demand for industrial transformation and upgrading, advanced defense technology and the development of strategic emerging industries, led by major collaborative innovation missions, ensured by institutional mechanism reform, so as to optimize personnel training mode, construct a number of industrial common basic technology R&D base, and further enhance the collaborative creative ability in college/university subordinated to MIIT.

Since the establishment of the "deep-sea engineering and high-tech ship collaborative innovation center" in September, 2012, all institutions are under effective operation. Led by significant innovation mission of ship and marine engineering equipment manufacturing industry, ensured by trinity institutional mechanisms of collaborative innovation with talents, subjects and scientific research,  the center made full use of the advantages of manufacturing, studying, researching and applying cooperation between collaborative universities and collaborative enterprises of the shipbuilding industry, established three platforms for innovation including deep-sea engineering equipment, high-tech ships and common and cutting-edge technology, brought together to form the first batch of 10 innovative team, completed 23 major scientific research projects with the fund over 10 million RMB, broke through more than 50 industrial key technologies such as  semi-submersible platform, DP3 dynamic positioning systems, integrated ocean probe AUV, under-water equipment operating under 1500-meter, ship energy saving and emission reducing equipment. The whole industry benefits significantly from this, the new personnel training mode of "research and education integration" and "opening up" began to take effect, which effectively supported the transformation and upgrading of traditional shipbuilding industries, and promoted the development of strategic emerging industries of marine engineering equipment manufacturing.

Harbin Engineering University will take it as an opportunity to further build the center to be the research and development base of common industry and cutting-edge technology, achievements transformation platform of integration of manufacturing, studying, researching and applying, cradle of high-end training and highland for top talents as well as a window for international exchanges and cooperation, thus achieving systemic research and development capabilities of deep-sea engineering and high-end equipment of high-tech ship, and strongly supporting the implementation of "maritime power" strategy.