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CSSC and CETC Signed a Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement

date: Mar 18, 14views: 1760

On March 14th, 2014, China State Shipbuilding Corporation (CSSC) signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with China Electronics Technology Group Corporation (CETC) in Beijing. The attending guests included the Chairman of CSSC HU Wenming, the Vice President of CSSC WU Qiang and WU Yongjie, the President of CETC XIONG Qunli, the Secretary of CETC Party Leadership Group FAN Youshan, the Vice President of CETC WANG Zheng and the Chief Engineer of CETC WU Manqing. WUYongjie and WANG Zheng represented their corporations respectively to sign the agreement.

A Win-win Cooperation in 4 Main Marine Equipment

Due to the two groups’ special nature as state owned military industries, the agreement is not only a business cooperation but also has national strategic meaning. HU Wenming said that the establishment of the strategic cooperation follows the requirement of the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (NCCPC), the Second and the Third Plenary Session of the 18th Central Committee Of the Communist Party of China and the Central Economic Working Conference. It is a method to deal with the difficult economy situation and help state owned corporations be more competitive.

With the 18th NCCPC’s principles, the central CPC central committee and state council list ocean economy development and marine defense development into national development strategies, which opened a new stage for China to strengthen sea power.

HU Wenming said, “this cooperation provides an opportunity for CSSC to develop marine equipment businesses. As a leader corporation who offer facilities to help build a country with strong sea power, CSSC will focus on 4 marine equipment fields that are defense security, scientific research, transportation and exploration.” He showed his willingness to have cooperation with CETC and jointly make contributions to the systematization of marine information technologies, products and facilities. The cooperation will help our nation achieve the sea power strategy.

The plan that CSSC will concentrate on developing 4 marine equipment areas is a new one made by HU Wenming and has been agreed by other counterparts. XIONG Qunli cannot agree more about this idea, "the 18th NCCPC put the ocean development on a vital strategic position, which makes an unprecedented opportunity for the 4 marine equipment industries. CETC is willing to have cooperation with CSSC, especially in the electronic deceives area, and support HU’s idea."

A Win-win Convergence with Industrialization and Informatization

The development of military industry is the 1st mission for both CSSC and CETC. Both sides have kept collaborations in developing naval vessel equipment. The agreement will combine the industrialization and informatization to extend the cooperation scope within military industry.

On the national two meetings (NPC and CPPCC), the Premier LI Keqiang said that China will stimulate the convergence between industrialization and informaization in 2014, which means China has to be a leader in the new generation of mobile communication technology, integrated circuit technology, big data and producing capability on advanced facilities. CSSC is a main leader in China ship industry and CETC is a major force in China electronic and information industry. Both sides will complement each other and have excellent cooperation in the industrialization and informatization convergence area.

A successful strategic cooperation should has a good plan, but the most important issue is implementation. In the establishment of the strategic cooperation, both sides not only signed the agreement but also organized a leading group, a leading group office and a expert group which are in charge with HU Wenming, XIONG Qunli and FAN Youshan and are consisted of other leaders, officials in main related departments and companies. The aim of the groups is totally implement the framework agreement and achieve a win-win cooperation in various fields.

National interest is the fundamental of the strategic cooperation and should be the same interest of the both sides. HU Wenming said, "today's sign ceremony is a start for us to have a closer cooperation relationship. We are confident that we will have great achievements with both sides’ efforts. The cooperation will give us new energy. We will be a new modal for other military industries who are pursuing cooperation. Let’s work together for China Dream!"