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Harbin Engineering University Made Progress in the Research Field of FluidMechanics

date: Apr 01, 14views: 1697

The thesis written by Prof. Wu Guoxiong and Dr. Sun Shili from Shipbuilding Engineering Department of Harbin Engineering University(HEU) “Similarity Solution for Oblique Water Entry of An Expanding Paraboloid” was published on the leading journal in the field of fluidmechanics“Journal of Fluid Mechanics”in March. This is the first time for HEU’s teachers to publish thesis on this journal. “Journal of Fluid Mechanics” started its first publication in April,1956 by Cambridge University’s professor George Batchelor, great master of modern international fluidmechanics.

The problem of fluid attacking was always a critical question and a research focus in the field of fluidmechanics. English applied mathematicians and  geophysicist Lamb introduced the similarity solutions to expansion and contraction ellipsoidal water in 1932, which later played an important role in the research of free surface flow. A famous mathematician and oceanologist Christopher Longuet Higgins gave a series of similarity solutions to ellipse and  parabolic expansion water in 1976, which later inspired other scholars to study the natural phenomena such as wave breaking and bubble breakup.

The aforementioned work had already been classic in the research of fluidmechanics. Prof. Wu Guoxiong in the Shipbuilding Engineering Department of HEU had been committed himselfto the research of fluid attack and published many high quality articles on international famous journals. In 2014, Prof. Wu and Dr. Sun found that if the object with curvature had some kind of turgor movement in the process of being put into the water, it also had possibilities to have similarity solutions. The similarity solutions mentioned here was a further concept of Longuet Higgins’ similarity solutions to expansion water, and it was an important development of fluid attack theory. It also had an important academic value and potential applicationvalue with overturning the general standpoint that curved surface object did not have self-similarity.