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People News: Harbin Engineering University and CNOOC Jointly Develop New Submarine Pipeline Connector

date: May 05, 14views: 1671

In order to improve China’s offshore oil equipment level, reduce the cost of offshore oil exploitation, and improve the efficiency of submarine pipeline connecting, it is of no delay to develop submarine pipeline connector with independent intellectual property. Recently, Harbin Engineering University professor Wang Liquan, the director and chief scientist of the Underwater Operation Equipment Tech Innovation Team in Deep Ocean Engineering and High Tech Collaborative Innovation Center, together with the China Offshore Oil Engineering Corp had a cooperative innovation in CNOOC science and technology project, “Non-welding Pipeline Connecting Research Project” and successfully completed “Card Type Mechanical Pipeline Connector” used in installation and repair work.

Submarine oil pipeline, as the convey equipment for offshore oil and gas exploitation, its security is closely related to normal operation of the offshore oil exploitation system. The underwater connecting technology of the submarine oil pipeline is an important research topic in the offshore oil production.

At present, submarine oil pipeline connecting technology has become a relatively mature industry in foreign countries, but normally the pipeline repair connector use the flange and sleeve connection form. The system is complicated with a heavy structure, and the installation process is time-consuming, sometimes it needs special tools and equipment. Currently, the rapid repair of submarine pipeline connector in China is still in the initial stage. There is a big gap compared with foreign mature products. Large foreign companies basically monopolize the installation and repair of domestic pipeline connectors with expensive prices. It will not only bring economic problems, meanwhile, it will restrict the development of China’s marine engineering field.

As the existed demand of installation and repair of submarine pipeline connectors, Harbin Engineering University Marine Intelligent Machinery Institute and China Offshore Oil Engineering Corp have a cooperative innovation to develop a new submarine pipeline connection tools: Card Type Mechanical Connector. Its basic structure contains only the intermediate matrix and outer extrusion ring. The outer extrusion ring moves to the middle part of the loading machine under the action of force matrix at both ends, to force the two sealing pressure ring bite with pipe surface, and have the pipeline elastoplastic deformation to form a seal. Seal mainly uses the metal’s elasticoplastic deformation. This connector has a simple structure, convenient connections, and it can bear axial force and bending pressure of submarine pipeline in operation. It is suitable for all kinds of ocean area, water depth, short operation time and low cost and other advantages.