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Several National Media Focused on “Deep Ocean Engineering and High Tech Collaborative Innovation Center”

date: May 22, 14views: 1674

Recently, Guangming Daily, Science and Technology Daily and other national media focused on reporting the achievements brought by our university’s Deep Ocean Engineering and High Tech Collaborative Innovation Center.

Guangming daily entitled “The Collaborative Innovation on the Blue Ocean” with pages nearly half edition to interview Liu Zhigang, the director of the Center Management Committee. Liu Zhigang said in the interview “this center is a special zone to promote collaborative innovation. It is a kind of organization mode to explore collaborative innovation through specialized system design to promote the reformation of cooperation mechanism, and achieve the true collaborative innovation of industry-university-research cooperation. Also, it is a base to cultivate high-end collaborative innovative talents with its ultimate aim to serve the talent training program.”

Science and Technology Daily entitled the front page with “Collaborative Innovation Speed up the Marine Power Process”, respectively from three aspects, the true collaboration in chemical reaction: rewriting the dynamic mechanism; the true innovation of problem-oriented: reshaping the contribution model; and the cut-through platform: cultivating high-end innovative talents, to reveal the operation enlightenment of the center.

Meanwhile, Science and Technology Daily, China Science Daily, China Ocean News, Xinhua News, People News and other tens of media reported for hundreds of times on the center’s numerical pool, on the world’s largest power generation capacity station in vertical tide power, on the industrialization of deep-water buoyancy materials, on the “floating body load calculation software in ship and ocean engineering” which filled the domestic blank in this field, and on the collaborative innovation achievements made together by our university and China National Offshore Oil Corp (CNOOC), such as the new submarine pipeline connector. All those reports brought good social effects.