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Kick-off Meeting of 2016 MIIT High-Tech Marine Scientific Research Project

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MITT High-Tech Marine Scientific Research Projects got officially started in Beijing on December 22nd, 2016. Over seventy delegates from different organizations undertaking the project or its sub-project attended the meeting, as among them are Equipment Industrial Division from MIIT, Department of National Defense from Ministry of Finance, Center of Industrial Promotion and Development from MITT, Harbin Engineering University, China State Shipbuilding Corporation, China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation etc.

As for the agenda of the meeting, first of all, Professor Xi Guihua, the chief commander of “Numerical Tank Innovation Project” made a report on the overall administration work, research roadmap and 2016 yearly research progress of the project. In his report, Prof. Xia pointed out that the “Numerical Tank Innovation Project” will greatly promote the innovation and development of China Numerical Tank, providing support for the implementation of the national strategy “Made in China 2025”. Then, delegates from the other four innovation projects delivered their reports respectively.

The chairman of The Technical Advisory Committee of "the Innovation Project", related leaders and experts from Center of Industrial Promotion and Development and Department of National Defense from Ministry of Finance, etc. made the speech of each own as well.


MITT High-Tech Marine Scientific Research Projects target at the significant key scientific problems and do a smart job integrating technical innovation with R&D mode innovation. The “Projects” constantly strengthens its collaborative innovation in both vertical and horizontal dimension and the cross-development of industry technology driven by the National Significant Science and Technology Projects. In 2016, MIIT launched five "innovation projects", which are "The Numerical Tank Innovation Project-Phase I" led by HEU, “Low-speed Marine Diesel Engine Project-Phase I” by China Ship Power Research Institute (CSPI), “Floating Offshore Support Platform Project (Phase II)” by CSSRC(702), “7th Generation Ultra-Deepwater Drilling Rig Platform Project” by CIMC Raffles and “20000 TEUs Ultra-Container Ship Project” by Marine Design &Research Institute of China (708).