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Conference Venue

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Opening ceremony of the ICNAME2015 and Signing ceremony for the establishment of ICNAME will be held in

Hall of Library.And theme reports will be given in the Report Hall of Library.The library consists of six floors above the ground and one basement floor with a total area of about 50,000 square meters.In addition to the regular books borrowing service, the library also offers consultation, science and technology novelty search, citation certificate, documents delivery, interlibrary borrowing and other services.

Qihang Activity Center of HEU  is the main venue of ICNAME2015  . 

The Qihang Activity Center is the main venue used for many kinds of international conferences and contests at Harbin Engineering University. It is well equipped, fully functional, with a great environment. The Qihang Activity Center has lecture halls and meeting rooms with various capacities and a Sunshine Hall of 1600 square meters for poster exhibitions.