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CSSRC’s Green Technology Certificated by CCS

date: Jan 16, 14views: 1710

China Ship Scientific Research Center (CSSRC), affiliated to China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation (CSIC), obtained the 1st certification authorized by China Classification Society (CCS) to test EEDI. It marks that CSSRC has the qualification to test the EEDI of ships under building in both design periods and final trails. CCS will issue certifications to ships that reach Attained EEDI or award green labels according to CSSRC’s test reports.

It is a great achievement of CSSRC in the development of green ship technology. In 2009, CSSRC started prospective study to deal with new International Maritime Organization (IMO) conventions and new international specifications, which helped China made its voices heard in negotiations. In addition, CSSRC has been strived to develop the technology that can decrease EEDI. With an aim of the ship energy saving and emission reduction market, an efficient propeller designed by CSSRC is advanced in international society. The propeller has been installed on over a thousand of ships, which means CSSRC takes 50% of the market in large civilian propeller design at home.