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MARIC and CCS Established Strategic Corporative Relations

date: Jan 25, 14views: 1655

MARIC and China Classification Society (CCS) signed an agreement to establish strategic corporative relations. They will have more cooperation in ship and sea engineering, such as ship type development, approval for designs, ship type assessment, research projects, information communication, specification development, international specification, market promotion, drawing review, personnel exchanges and enterprise culture. Both sides will complement each other’s advantages and achieve win-win cooperation, which can help the development of national vessel industry and strengthen China’s marine power.

According to the agreement, CCS, taking full use of its advantages, abundant experience and information and technology recourses in home and aboard, shall spare no effort to support MARIC to design new ship types, develop new ship and sea engineering equipment and open up market. With the help of CCS, MARIC will comprehensively enhance its capability on ship and sea engineering design. It may rank among the first class ship and sea engineering develop institutions in the world. On other hand, MARIC shall have practical cooperation with CCS to support its development, assessment and accreditation businesses in new ship type design and sea engineering fields, project inspection and industry products certification. CCS will play a more important role in international marine group and related industry area under the assistance of MARIC.

In order to make sure that the agreement will be implemented effectively, both parties made a specific cooperation mechanism which as follows: both sides have to appoint one cooperative official in management and one coordinate official in a specific cooperative project; a specific official make the cooperative plan to develop a new ship type or a new scientific research, and he or she has to organize new technology exchange meetings from time to time; both sides have to attend the scheduled seniors conferences. Before the agreement signed, MARIC has kept the cooperative relationship with CCS. They developed friendship and both of them made great contributions to China’s shipbuilding industry, shipping industry and other related sectors, which help China increase it influence in international marine group.