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XIA Guihua, Deputy Secretary of the University Party Committee, Was Invited to Attend the 2021 BRICS Forum on Partnership on New Industrial Revolution

date: Sep 17, 21views: 2648

On September 7, the 2021 BRICS Forum on Partnership on New Industrial Revolution, co-hosted by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the China Council for BRICS Think-tank Cooperation, the Fujian Provincial People’s Government and the Xiamen Municipal People’s Government, was held in Xiamen. XIAO Yaqing, Minister of Industry and Information Technology, YIN Li, Secretary of the Fujian Provincial Committee of the Communist party of China, WANG Ning, Governor of Fujian Province, attended the forum. XIN Guobin, Vice Minister of Industry and Information Technology, presided over the inauguration ceremony. Representatives of government authorities from BRICS, enterprises, think-tank, research institutions and international organizations participated in the conference. XIA Guihua, Deputy Secretary of the University Party Committee, attended the forum and related activities on behalf of Harbin Engineering University.

The theme of this forum is “Join hands in innovation and cooperation to ensure the stable and smooth functioning of global industrial and supply chains”. Focusing on the theme, the forum invited government authorities from BRICS, think-tank, research institutions and business communities to carry out exchange and discussion on issues such as “Enhance policy coordination and deepen policy exchanges on industrial and supply chains” and “Promote projects development and facilitate best practices on industrial and supply chains”. XIA Guihua was invited to deliver a speech entitled “Deepen Integration between Industry and Education and Cultivate First-class Innovative International Talents” at the sub-forum of “Deepen talent cultivation and Build Talent Chains for the secure and stable Industrial Chains”.

XIA Guihua said in his speech that PLA Military Institute of Engineering received substantial support from the Soviet Government at the beginning of its establishment and was a first-class university in China, on par with Tsinghua University and Peking University. After 68 years of development and construction, the university has formed the layout of our characteristic disciplines: shipbuilding industry, marine equipment, marine development and nuclear energy application. In these fields, our university has adhered to the philosophy of research-oriented, open, international and high-level education, and has produced numerous leading figures of all industries through the integration between industry and education. In the process of development, the cooperation with foreign friendly institutions including BRICS has played a huge role in promoting the scientific research and talent training level of HEU. XIA thought that it was significant and also worthwhile for universities to think seriously to explore the relationship between talent chains and industrial chains, and suggested that in today’s post-pandemic era, our universities, research institutions and industry circles should directly connect, set up alliances to build platforms, use “Internet plus” and other forms to carry out the integration of industry, education and research in talent cultivation, and deepen the promotion of the BRICS platform and cooperation. He hoped that this forum could promote the development of the talent cultivation of the new type of integration between industry and education.

The award ceremony of the 2nd Contest of Promoting BRICS Cooperation in Industrial Innovation was also held at the inauguration ceremony of that morning. As the organizer of the sub-division of the contest, our school won the “Excellent Organizer Unit Award”. According to the introduction, our school collected a total of 72 competition projects from home and abroad, and submitted 12 outstanding projects to the contest.