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The 6th International Conference on Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering Innovation and Cooperation (ICNAME2022) held online

date: Dec 23, 21views: 1160

On December 22, 2022, the 6th International Conference on Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering Innovation and Cooperation (ICNAME2022) was held along with the 2nd International Forum on Autonomous Navigation Technology in Ships. Renowned experts and scholars from 11 prestigious universities, research institutes, and companies participated in the conference via online video meeting, including the Marine Industry Center of Russia, Russian Maritime and Port Administration, Moscow State University of Transport, Ushakov Maritime State University, Surabaya Institute of Technology (ITS) in Indonesia, China Association of Navigation, China Classification Society, Shanghai University, Shanghai Ship Research and Design Institute, Wuhan University of Technology, and Harbin Engineering University.

The participants had in-depth discussions on the topics of intelligent ships, autonomous vessels, and unmanned ship technologies. It aimed to explore and accelerate the advancement of cutting-edge innovative technologies such as ship intelligence, unmanned systems, and digitization. The conference sought to strengthen the international scientific and technological collaboration in the field of naval architecture and marine engineering, with the ultimate objective of driving technological progress in the international maritime industry.


Presentations were given by participants, sharing and exchanging insights on the current status and development trends of intelligent ships in China and Russia, as well as cutting-edge research on unmanned vessel technologies. The reports covered industry demands and scientific problems related to autonomous navigation vessels, unmanned surface vessels, autonomous tugboats, and other topics of naval architecture and ocean engineering.


The forum was jointly organized by the Chinese Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers, the International Organization for Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering Innovation and Cooperation (ICNAME), Harbin Engineering University, Russian Transport University, and Wuhan University of Technology. The event was co-hosted by the International Joint Laboratory for Ship Intelligence and Autonomous Navigation Technology, the Key Laboratory of Intelligent Technology and Application in Ship & Ocean Equipment of the Ministry of Education at Harbin Engineering University, and the Key Laboratory of High Performance Ship Technology of the Ministry of Education at Wuhan University of Technology.