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Research FieldSerial NumberProjfect NameFunding in AllImplementation CycleGranted byLed/Sponsored by
Deep Sea Technology1Research on umbilical cable installation system design and key components15102011-2015Key State S&T ProjectHEU/OFEC
Deep Sea Technology2Research on the technology and equipment for hard soil digging  at the bottom of the sea4362011-2014CNOOC S&T ProjectHEU/OFEC
Deep Sea Technology3Research on key technologies for deepwater production system  and equipments29102011-2015State Program 863OFEC/HEU/TU
Deep Sea Technology4Research on production of deepwater working equipment and evaluation in factories18902011-2015Key State S&T ProjectOFEC/HEU/TU
Deep Sea Technology5Underwater emergency maintenance system and its risk assessment system engineering in Northern south China sea slope10202011-2015Key State S&T ProjectOFEC/TU/HEU
Deep Sea Technology6Research on digitalized production of underwater production key parts and components,quality control and digital information management technology5402011-2015Key State S&T ProjectOFEC/TU
Deep Sea Technology7The deep underwater emergency maintenance operation equipments10462012-2015
Key State S&T Project
Deep Sea Technology8Research on deep water hose laid system design and hoses equipment development 11602012-2016CNOOC S&T ProjectHEU/OFEC
Deep Sea Technology9Underwater connection system and key equipment development92002013-2015MIIT Marine Engineering Equipment ProjectOFEC/HEU/TU/CCS
Deep Sea Technology10Independent research on 3000 meters deep water lifting pipelaying barge 40002011-2013MIIT Hi-tech Ship ProjectOFEC/HEU/708 Institute
Deep Sea Technology12Li wan 3-1 gas field corrosion monitoring and protection system design11262011-2015Key State S&T ProjectCNOOC/DLUT/HEU
Deep Sea Technology13Research on related engineering under extreme environmentsin the south China sea and its simulation methods5152011-2016State Program 973DLUT/SSICAS
Deep Sea Technology14Research on visual simulation system deepwater pipe-laying crane vessel16602012-2015Key State S&T ProjectHEU/OFEC/DLUT
Deep Sea Technology15Key techniques of deepwater project in West Africa(phase ii)25502012-2015
Key State S&T Project

Deep Sea Technology16Key technologies on the adhesive properties of flexible pipe design and manufacture 8002012-2014State Program 863DLUT
Deep Sea Technology17Research on deep sea platform structural life-cycle performance monitoring, prototype verification and safety evaluation7002012-2014State Program 973DLUT
Deep Sea Technology18Quantitative risk analysis of the new mechanisms FLNG、FLPG/ FDPSO40002012-2015Key State S&T ProjectTU/OFEC/HEU
Deep Sea Technology19Long-term cumulative damage mechanism of the platform structure in deep-sea environment3002012-2016State Program 973DLUT/OUC
Deep Sea Technology20Research on the evolution mechanism of marine reef waves flow space-time distribution inhomogeneity and the wave flow interaction model5122012-2017State Program 973DLUT/703 Institute
Deep Sea Technology21Research on the overall technologies of deepwater semi-submersible platforms 77502013-2015MIIT Marine Engineering Equipment ProjectCCS
708 Institute/HEU/OFEC/CCS
Deep Sea Technology22Research on key technologies of Reef medium (300 meters) floating structures130802013-2015MIIT Marine Engineering Equipment Project702 Institute/Sansha Mnicipal Government/DSIC/DLUT
Deep Sea Technology23Research on offshore large floating structures60002013-2015Key Facilities and Equipment Project by National Development and Reform Commission708Institute/SHANGHAI WAIGAOQIAO SHIPBUILDING Co., Ltd/ HEU 
Deep Sea Technology24The dynamic performance of the Marine disaster environment offshore aquaculture facilities 2902013-2017The Key Project of the National Natural Science FoundationDLUT
Underwater Robot Technology25Medium-sized underwater vehicle research and development84002011-2014Marine Equipment Research ProjectHEU/Institutes 702,709,705
Underwater Robot Technology26
Research on the developmentof mini-scale 300kg intelligent detecting system
State Program 863

HEU/Tianhe Defense/Institute 702
Underwater Robot Technology27
Research on the engineering technology of marine AUV
MIIT Hi-tech Ship Project

Underwater Robot Technology28
Research on docking technology for autonomous early carriage
State Program 863

HEU/Institute 702
Underwater Robot Technology29
The introduciton of key technologies for deepwater drilling underwater robot 
International Project by the Ministry of S&T

CSIC/HEU/Far East Subsidiary of Russia Academy of Science
Underwater Acoustic Information Technology30
Underwater target detection and standard system 
State Program 863

HEU/ Shandong Provincial Academy of Science
Underwater Acoustic Information Technology31
The deepwater high-precision underwater integrated positioning system development
State Program 863

HEU/ Beihai Bureau of SOA
Underwater Acoustic Information Technology32Underwater acoustic sensor and signal algorithm research6202012-2014State Program 863Shandong Provincial Academy of Science/HUE
Underwater Acoustic Information Technology33Research on the deep underwater positioning system engineering prototype16152013-2015Key State S&T ProjectHEU/OFEC
Underwater Acoustic Information Technology34Area distributed/multi-platform underwater synergistic detection technology 6402013-2015
National Defense Foundation Research Project

HEU/ Institutes 715,760
Underwater Acoustic Information Technology35Joint research on code technology for underwater long-distance communication 14982013-2016International Project by the Ministry of S&T HEU/SDB of MIP
The Technology of Overall Ship Designing36Research on the key technologies of tri=body high speed passenger and cargo transporting ship21002011-2013MIIT Hi-tech Ship ProjectHEU/ Institute 708
The Technology of Overall Ship Designing37Research on the key technologies of construction for 185 feet large catamaran yacht32002011-2013MIIT Hi-tech Ship ProjectHEU、SUNBIRD
The Technology of Overall Ship Designing38Research on the key technologies of high-speed passanger and cargo ship across Taiwan Strait with semi-sliding composite former tri-body 7202011-2013
MIIT Hi-tech Ship Project
DLUT/Zhanxiang Marine
Ship Structural Dynamics39Research on the universal technologies of designing for High-quality goods ship 12502011-2013MIIT Hi-tech Ship ProjectInstitute 708/HEU/ Institute 702
The Technology of Overall Ship Designing40Research on the development of tri-body ship20002011-2015Sasac industrialization projectInstitute 708/HEU/ Institute 702
The Technology of Overall Ship Designing41Key techniques of ultra large container ship110002012-2014
MIIT Hi-tech Ship Project
708 Institute/SHANGHAI WAIGAOQIAO SHIPBUILDING Co., Ltd/ Dalian Shipbuilding Industry co.Ltd/HEU/Wuhan University of Technology
Ship Hydrodynamics42Research on the hydrodynamic performance analysis forecast technology for tri=body ships20002013-2015MIIT Hi-tech Ship ProjectHEU/'Institute 708
The Technology of Overall Ship Designing43Theoretical forecast method for sailing ship performance in polar and surrounding areas10002014-2016
MIIT Hi-tech Ship Project
HEU/Institute 708/ DLIT/ TU

The Technology of Overall Ship Designing
44Introduction and joint research of key technologies for polar carrier design 8002014-2016
International Project by the Ministry of S&T
HEU/Institute 708/Ch Rongsheng/ State Marine Technical University of St.Petersburg 
The Technology of Overall Ship Designing45Key technologies for fundamental design of the polar ice-breaking vessel for scientific research22002014-2016
MIIT Hi-tech Ship Project
nstitute 708/HEU/Jiangnan Shipyard

The Technology of Overall Ship Designing
46Key technologies for comprehensive simulation in large-scale ship 20652012-2015
Military Facilities Research Project
HEU/701/703/708/Systems Engineering Research Institute
The Technology of Overall Ship Designing47visual simulation system development for ocean engineering vessel operation 16602012-2015
Key State S&T Project
The Technology of Overall Ship Designing48Research on information management technology of Jack-up drilling platform project52702013-2016
MIIT Marine Engineering Equipment Project
Ship Hydrodynamics49Top research on the technologies of numerical tank6202014-2015
MIIT Hi-tech Ship Project
The Technology of Overall Ship Designing50testing technology of underwater operation simulation and supporting equipment development60002014-2017MIIT Marine Engineering Equipment ProjectOFEC/HEU/TU/Institute 702
Ship Power51Diesel engine testing technology research and testing experiment14202011-2015MPRD Project by State Administration of Science,Technology and Industry for National DefenseHEU/Institute 711 of CSIC
Ship Power52Research on waste heat utilization technology for marine diesel engine power system 33002012-2015
MIIT Hi-tech Ship Project

Ship Power53research and development of exhaust NOx emission aftertreatment device for marine low-speed diesel  32502012-2014
MIIT Hi-tech Ship Project

Ship Power54Key technologies on independent brand ships with small diesel engine at low speed170002012-2015
MIIT Hi-tech Ship Project

Ship Power55Key technologies on high-power diesel engine with medium speed
and samle machine development
55002012-2016State Program 863CSSC-HHM/ZJMD/DLUT/HEU
Ship Power56Key technologies on high pressure common rail and electric control system for small diesel engine at low speed 55002013-2015MIIT Hi-tech Ship ProjectCSSC-HHM/HEU
Ship Power57Key technologies on premixed combustion Marine with high-speed diesel engine emission control  45002013-2015MIIT Hi-tech Ship ProjectDLUT/Henan Diesel Engine Industry Co., Ltd
Ship Power58Dual fuel engine engineering development at a moderate speed 45002013-2017MIIT Hi-tech Ship ProjectZJMD/HEU
The Technology of Overall Ship Designing59Distribution of ship energy consumption and energy efficiency evaluation research16602011-2014MIIT Hi-tech Ship ProjectHEU/HZ-Shipgroud/Institute 708
Ship Hydrodynamics60numerical simulation and application research  of the apparatus of ship hydrodynamic18002011-2013MIIT Hi-tech Ship ProjectInstitute 708,702/HEU
The Technology of Overall Ship Designing61EEDI validation evaluation technology research29002011-2013MIIT Hi-tech Ship ProjectInstitute 702/CCS/Shanghai Rgulation Bureau/Institute 708/HEU
Ship Hydrodynamics62Linear optimization and ship hull - propeller matching design technology under the action of wind and waves 18502012-2014
MIIT Hi-tech Ship Project
SSSRI/Institute 708,702/HEU
The Technology of Overall Ship Designing63key technology of waste gas washing desulfurization device of the ship Based on sodium alkaline35002013-2014
MIIT Hi-tech Ship Project
HEU/CANSI/Institute 711
The Technology of Overall Ship Designing64
Key technologies of applying solar energy on oil tankers and full scale engineering verification
MIIT Hi-tech Ship Project
Marine Renewable Energy65Research on horizontal power-generating device out of tidal current energy18102010-2014
State Marine Renewable Energy Project
Marine Renewable Energy66Application demonstration of 2×300k floating tidal current energy island with independence in power generation22502010-2014State Marine Renewable Energy ProjectDaishan S&T Development Center
Marine Renewable Energy67Deep water flow security and hydrate risk control technology35002011-2015Key S&T Project by the Ministry of S&T CNOOC/DLUT/IPC/Dynamics Institute of CAS
Marine Renewable Energy68Key technological issues and facilities for offshore wind power construction13002012-2014International Project by the Ministry of S&T DD-Marine/TU/Longyuan Power Group
Marine Renewable Energy69Complete sets of key technologies for offshore wind power with high efficiency and low coast10322012-2015International Project by the Ministry of S&T TU/DD-Marine/Case Western Reserve University
Marine Renewable Energy70海上浮式风电系统风险评估软件研发2002013-2016International Project by the Ministry of S&T HEU/Universidade Técnica de Lisboa
Marine Renewable Energy71Natural gas hydrate exploration technology development7002013-2015State Program 863GMGS/DLUT/Zhejiang University
Marine Renewable Energy72
Research on gas hydrate triaxial apparatus device under High pressure and low temperature 
The Facilities Project of the National Natural Science Foundation
Marine Renewable Energy73The General Design of Tidal Current Energy Demonstration Project in Zhoushan20202014-2014State Marine Renewable Energy ProjectCNOOC/HEU
Marine Renewable Energy74Tidal current energy engineering prototype design38002014-2016State Marine Renewable Energy ProjectHEC/HEU/CNOOC