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International Conference on Vibration and Vibro-acoustics 2014 had Its Opening Ceremony in Harbin Engineering University

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International Conference on Vibration and Vibro-acoustics 2014 (ICVV2014) had its opening ceremony in the Lecture Hall of Qihang Students Activity Center on January 13, 2014.

Many well-known experts from more than 10 domestic colleges and universities and research institutes and England, America, Australia, Italy, New Zealand, Brazil and Korea attended the conference.

President Liu Zhigang gave a speech on the opening ceremony. He said HEU had a widespread influence on training talents in the field of structural vibration and Vibro-acoustics, and as the sponsor of the conference, HEU would build a stage of communication and cooperation and made contributions to the development of international Vibration and Vibro-acoustics.

Prof. Mike Brennan from Brazil Sao Paulo State University and Prof. Yang Tiejun from HEU, as the co-chairman of the conference and gave a speech. The president of BeijingInstituteofTechnology and Academician Hu Haiyan made a report respectively on the opening ceremony.

The aim of the conference was to see the latest research results and development direction of international Vibration and Vibro-acoustics and enhance international communication and cooperation between famous organizations and experts from domestic and international, as well as improve HEU’s scientific and technological research and academic level of theories and methods of structural vibration and Vibro-acoustics and structure and vibration noise active or passive control. During the 3 days of the conference, there would be 5 scholars of famous academic institutions from domestic and international making speeches. The experts would take these speeches as opportunities to have deep discussions.